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Raised to Life!

What is Water Baptism?

Baptism is a symbolic act.

Simply put, it's an outward sign of an inward change.


Baptism does not save us. You can only be saved by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. God designed our journey of faith so that when we put our faith in Christ, the person we were before we met Him is put to death and we become "born again" -we become a new person.


Baptism is the next step we take, making a public statement of our faith and symbolizing our transition from death into the new life He has given us.

FAQ About Water Baptism?

  1. When do I need to be at church? 
    -We will meet before 30 minutes before service time in the back of the Sanctuary to celebrate your decision, communicate details of baptism, and give you an opportunity to change into baptism shirt provided. 


  2. What do I wear? 
    -We will provide a Water Baptism Shirt to be worn during actual baptism moment. Please wear Dark Shorts or Pants. Please make sure your shorts are longer and appropriate. Please do NOT wear lotions. Bring additional clothes to change into after baptism is complete.


  3. Do I need a towel?
    -We will provide a towel during baptism moment. 


  4. Can my family take pictures? 
    -Your family is invited to be a part of this celebration and take photos. 


  5. Is there an age requirement?
    Yes, we believe the decision to get baptized must come from a person who fully understands the act of salvation and the testimony of water baptism. For this reason we ask that children be above the age of 6 and have a conversation with our Kids Pastor prior to baptism just to ensure that this time is meaningful. Children between the ages of 6-12 will receive a personal contact from Pastor Jen, once they have been registered.

Ready for your Next Step?

We are excited to celebrate your next step with Water Baptism. Let us know you are interested in participating by filling out the form below. Once completed, you will be contact from one of the Leaders at VC.

How would you like to be contacted

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